Wave 2.0:

Calculated and configured Surfaces, up to your idea and wish. No standard, no catalog. You decide how deep, wider, smaler your surface will be.

Our corners will match! Squares, rectangles, U and L-angles etc.

Due to our CAD/CAM System, we are able to calculate your surface on the right size for every object. We only produce what we need. No expensive standard sizes for handcuttings needed, no waste material. Your topping will be done in our new lacquercabine for highgloss options.


  • Wood, plastics, solid-materials
  • 0 % Waste
  • Perfectly fitted corners and edges
  • Max size of 3700 x 2200 mm
  • Paint, lacquer (mat to highglossy), bate
  • Quantity 1
  • Your personal design, no catalog



zow 2015 006
IMG 1921
zow 2015 003
zow 2015 035
zow 2015 033
IMG 1918
DSC 1505
IMG 1913
IMG 1924
zow 2015 002
IMG 12561
zow 2015 028
zow 2015 012

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